What to Look for First if Your Car Will Not Move

It's a terrible feeling when you jump into the car with an urgent appointment ahead, only to find that for some reason it will not move. You're able to start it okay and the engine is turning, but when you put it into drive nothing happens. Before you start to panic, check to see if it's something relatively simple such as the clutch cable. These are normally fairly hard wearing items but can fail without any notice. [Read More]

4 Vehicle Tune Ups You Can Use To Avoid Transmission Overheating

When it comes to transmission problems, overheating is said to be the source of all issues. Overheating can come about when a vehicle is under heavy strain, e.g. when overloaded, when towing, when going up steep terrains, etc. When damaged due to heat, the transmission requires costly repairs and rebuilds or even complete replacements. In this article, discover some helpful tune up ideas that can help you avoid this. Get A Deeper Oil Pan [Read More]

3 Serious Outcomes of Improper Differential Maintenance

Some car owners do not pay as much attention to diff maintenance as they do to engine maintenance. This oversight can lead those car owners to experience a series of problems whose origins can be traced to unresolved differential issues. This article discusses some of the problems that you may face if you do not conduct needed differential repairs. Increased Braking Distance You may ask, 'How is the differential related to the car brakes? [Read More]