What to Look for If You Have Air Conditioning Problems in Your Car

As the summer season rolls around and temperatures begin to spike, more attention will be paid to the interior comfort of your car. If you suspect that your cooling system may not be functioning properly, it's time to take action before the real heat arrives. What are some of the symptoms of a failing air-conditioner and what can you do? Recharging If it's been some time since you serviced your air conditioning and it simply doesn't seem to be getting cold enough for your liking, it probably needs to be recharged. [Read More]

Problem With Your Brakes? 4 Signs that You May Need to Visit Your Mechanic

Many people get that sinking feeling when they believe that there's something wrong with their car. Yet it can be even more worrying if there appears to be something wrong with the brakes. What are some of the symptoms you may be experiencing so you can help your mechanic pinpoint the issue? Pulsing at Work Do you feel as if the brake pedal is 'pulsing' whenever you apply pressure to it? [Read More]

Your Car Battery: Maintenance Tips To Prolong Its Lifespan

Although your car battery is designed to serve you for an extended period of time, this does not mean that it does not have an expiry date. This limit to the lifespan of your battery is referred to as its calendar life and will vary from one type of battery to another. In addition to this, the calendar life of your battery will also depend on the number of times that it is charged and discharged when in use. [Read More]

Noises Coming From Your Rear Differential You Should Be Wary Of

Your vehicle's rear differential comprises numerous gears that have entwining teeth. Therefore, the effectiveness of this system ultimately depends on the precision of the different gears. This will be determined by how the individual gears are oriented in relation to each other as well as the amount of lubrication they are receiving when in use. When your rear differential begins to succumb to damage, one of the more common symptoms would be noises emanating from the system. [Read More]