Down In The Pumps: Recognising, Repairing And Replacing A Faulty Power Steering Pump

In days of yore, power steering was a luxurious optional extra reserved for heavy goods vehicles and luxury cars; however, with the average car becoming heavier year on year, and the maneuverability required ot navigate increasingly crowded urban roads becoming ever more demanding, power steering is now fitted to all but the most lightweight vehicles. Without it, a modern vehicle laden down with heavy equipment and safety features can be a nightmare to turn properly, so keeping your power steering system in good working order is essential. [Read More]

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean on My Dashboard?

When you first jump into your car and switch on the ignition an array of lights will spark into life on your dashboard. Usually, all of those lights will then disappear when you crank the engine and it starts. Consequently, you may not pay any attention to them any more, except when something like the check engine light flickers into life. But what does this really mean? What's Going on? [Read More]

Four Simple, Yet Perhaps Not Intuitive, Tips When It Comes to Looking after Your Car

Looking after your car can pay dividends over its lifetime, but there are some relatively straightforward things you can do to help along the way, which you might not have thought about before. What simple tips should you consider? Short Trips Cause More Wear and Tear Did you know that if you only use your car for short commutes back and forth to work, this can actually cause more wear and tear to the engine than if you did perhaps ten times as much mileage on an annual basis? [Read More]

Five Critical Tips When It Comes to Car Servicing

Many people treat a car like a simple commodity. Yet for the average person the automobile is one of the largest investments they will make. It makes sense, therefore, to pay attention to how you treat your car and never to just "wing it." What should you be doing to look after this valuable investment? Keep up with Servicing Some people think that car manufacturers are mainly in the business of making money and will always " [Read More]